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it's 5 o' clock somewhere.

never dreamed you'd leave on summer.


mac, coffee ARIANNA. 17 yrs old. thoughtful. smiling. sweet. caring. (perfectionist) LOVES TO read. watch tv/movies. listen to music. be with friends. laugh. shopping. graphic. PEOPLE brad pitt. angelina jolie. grace kelly. audrey hepburn. scarlett johansson. leighton meester. sebastian stan. blake lively. jessica szhor. kate moss. jude law. nicole kidman. casey stoner. eva green. robert pattinson. kristen stewart. christina aguilera. julia roberts. tom felton. marion cotillard. penelope cruz. gaspard ulliel. gerard butler. elijah wood. viggo mortensen. anna paquin. stephen moyer. alexarder skarsgård. BOOKS harry potter. pride and prejudice. perfume. the lord of the rings. the english patient. nôtre dame de paris. the golden compass series. the time traveler's wife. stravaganza series. TV SHOWS gossip girl. true blood. skins. MOVIES moulin rouge!. disney movies. brokeback mountain. atonement. a beautiful mind. the virgin suicides. marie antoinette. the dreamers. amelie. notting hill. the other boleyin girl. anna and the king. every woody allen one. memoirs of a geisha. the piano. fly away home.

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, anna paquin, anne of green gables, batman, beauty and the beast, beethoven, blair waldorf, blake lively, bleach, books, bruce wayne, carter baizen, carter/blair, carter/serena, chace crawford, chanel, chocolate, chris/jal, christina aguilera, chuck bass, chuck/blair, chuck/jenny, chuck/scarf, clémence poésy, coffee, coldplay, cook/naomi, cookie/panda, dan/georgina, disney, ed westwick, ed/jessica, effy stonem, elle, eva green, fanfiction, fashion, fashion icons, freddie, freddie/effy, gaspard ulliel, gemma ward, georgina sparks, glamour, gossip girl, gotham, graphics, grimmjow jaegerjacques, harry potter, heath ledger, hugh jackman, i'm chuck bass, icons, james mcavoy, jane austen, jessica szohr, joaquin phoenix, kaya scodelario, kristen stewart, lady gaga, leighton meester, leighton/sebastian, lily loveless, literature, lord of the rings, marilyn monroe, marion cotillard, michelle trachtenberg, moulin rouge, movies, muse, music, naomi, naomi campbell, naomi/cook, natalie portman, nate/serena, nate/vanessa, nicholas hoult, old movies, paris, photography, photoshop, pride and prejudice, pride&prejudice, queen, rachel mcadams, reading, reading and writing fanfiction, red hair, reese witherspoon, robert pattinson, rome, romeo+juliet, ron/hermione, sebastian stan, serena van der woodsen, serena/carter, skins, sookie stackhouse, starbucks, taylor momsen, textures, the beatles, the dark knight, the host, the killers, the non-judging breakfast club, the resistance, the rolling stones, the time traveller's wife, the virgin suicides, the-chuck-and-blair-show, true blood, tv shows, vampires, vogue, walt disney, writing